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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Best Rucksacks For a Scotland Hill Walking Holiday

If you are planning a trip in Scotland hill walking holidays are a great idea! There is so much to think about before you go! Walking with EasyWays will help you to be organised and looking forward to the trip! Find a rucksack for your Scotland Hill Walking Holiday Finding […]

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Charity Group Walking – Coast to Coast Walk Scotland

It seems that fundraising is becoming more and more popular these days with people always finding inventive new things to get sponsorship. At EasyWays, we may be biased, but we’d recommend the noble act of walking long distance for charity! Thinking of taking part in the best coast to coast […]

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Walking Adventure Holidays – Celebrate the Woods

Today we’re celebrating this day- the perfect day to go for a stroll in the greenery. This is a day to take some time and clear out the cobwebs with an invigorating walk in any of the nation’s most beautiful forests. Many of our walking adventure holidays go through forests. What […]

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Celebrate Heritage – Central Walks Scotland

Central Scotland walks and walking holidays let you find out about your clan heritage! This day is celebrated the world over and especially in areas with strong Irish and Celtic backgrounds but, did you know, according to some versions of Saint Patrick’s legend, he was actually originally from Scotland?  It’s […]

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Sport Season – Walking Holidays in Skye

Planning on going to a game? Why not incorporate that into booking walking holidays in Skye? Travelling across the Scottish highlands doesn’t take long at all. A great start in the Premiership for Newtonmore As the season got under way last Saturday, Newtonmore celebrated the Premiership’s most decisive win of […]

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Beltane Fire Festival – Hill Walking Holidays

There is so much to do in Scotland in the month of May, why not enjoy one of Scotland’s famous hill walking holidays? Incorporating trips to local events along your route. Walking holidays in Scotland are always a great idea, made better with the help of EasyWays. The Fire Festival […]

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Daffodil Weekend

In Scotland adventure and walking holidays go together so well! Celebrating nature in a way like this is not uncommon for the Spring time. Walking holidays in Scotland are so popular, it’s no surprise with lots of events happening all around the highlands. Each Spring, the grounds of Brodie Castle […]

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Have you experienced Snowdrop Festival?

Going around visiting different areas with these flower in Scotland is a lovely way to spend your time. There is such a variety of things to see. For example, you can incorporate a walking holiday into your trip! Walking holidays on the Isle of Skye are particularly popular this time […]

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