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North Highland Way

Highlights of the Dunnet to Thurso Leg

The NHW route passes through some truly breath taking landscapes. The Dunnet to Thurso leg is no exception, with highlights including: Dunnet Head lighthouse and Dunnet Bay. Walking in the highlands is a great idea for a holiday! Walking holidays in Scotland are always a unique experience! Dunnet Head Lighthouse The […]

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The Clans of the Highlands

Walking Scottish highlands routes around the north coast is idyllic. Because Scotland has a rich and fascinating history, built around the infamous clan system. By the 13th century, the clan system had established firm roots in the Scottish Highlands. The area surrounding of the NHW has remained largely untouched since […]

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North Coast 500

In Scotland walking holiday trips are the most effective way to see the country. The North Coast 500 is Scotland’s answer to Route 66. North Coast 500 covers 500 miles of stunning coast lines and meandering country roads. The route allows you to take in some of Scotland’s most beautiful […]

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The History of Vikings in Scotland

Coastal walks in Scotland are a great way to learn more about things like Vikings. The Vikings had a huge influence on Scottish history, particularly in the shipbuilding industry. Scotland gained many things from the Vikings, and the lives of Scottish people have been shaped by our viking ancestors. The Vikings were […]

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Scottish Legends

If you are looking for lots of coastal walks Scotland is the place to go! A country filled with myths and legends, tales which have been handed down from generation to generation. The Scottish Highlands are home of many of these mythical creatures, walking around allows you to see some of […]

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